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Join Julia Cox & Holly Shoebridge for an hour of restorative meditation and healing. Held on zoom, Holly will guide you into a blissful, meditative space while Julia sends healing energy to the group. Experience the peace of the stillness within, releasing what no longer serves and bringing you back to the true you. The group energy & intention allows you to settle into a deeper place of peace, and amplifies the healing, balancing energies and connects you with your own light, for the way forward. We are stronger together.


This session is for all levels of experience with meditation and healing - and is also a great way to experience healing for the first time, or to encourage you back into your meditation practice. 


Held on zoom, log in on your computer or phone in a place where distractions are minimal - headphones are preferable, and either sit in a chair or lie down on a yoga mat with cushions, or however you feel most comfortable to meditate and receive.


Julia Cox, is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Psychic & Medium who has been serving with her healing for 10 years, and offers sessions in person in Sydney and online via zoom. She is passionate about restoring the balance within to create happiness, empowerment, health and flow. Julia offers sessions in person in Sydney and online via zoom. 

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Holly is a Meditation & Breathwork teacher, Counsellor and Holistic Health Coach, based in Sydney. Through the navigation of her own health diagnosis, has studied psychoneuroimmunology, breath work, regenerative detoxification, a diploma in counselling, mindfulness based therapies and a functional medicine approach to healing. She now guides and empowers others to their own health transformations.

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