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2020 - My year of the yin

A new calendar year brings with it the energy of a new start, a new chance to do things differently. So naturally I’ve been reflecting on my challenges of 2019 and how I would shift the energy with a new intention.

My main challenge of 2019 was wanting to do allllll the things, allllll the time. No missing out, take every opportunity. I threw myself into my family, work, social, education and physical exercise like a woman on a mission. I was so yang (active) and not enough yin (restful). And I learned (again) there’s a reason the circle of life force contains two halves, as they both need each other IN BALANCE to survive. Just like without the dark, we wouldn’t appreciate the light.

I ended up tired and injured towards the end of the year. There wasn’t harmony between my mind-body-spirit, which can cause illness and injury to manifest. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees – I was too busy, reaching, striving all the time. I had to start saying no. And looking back, I realise that pushing and forcing didn’t bring anything to fruition quicker.

That's not to say nothing good happened - I achieved alot and grew so much! It was a huge year and I'm so grateful for all the successes that came to pass during 2019.

It’s hard to trust that going with the flow of life and allowing, without reaching too hard or straining too much, can bring the same results quicker and with more ease. If I can just ALLOW the solutions to come, send a thought out and TRUST, I can bring more yin and more magic into my sphere. It’s like how our intuition works, when we are forcing it or reaching for information, we can end up in our mind, instead of relaxing and allowing the information to come in.

So THAT is the challenge I’ve set myself across all areas of my life for 2020.

More yin. More FLOW. More ALLOWING and more TRUST.

What energy are you bringing into 2020 with you?


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