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Glow from within - being aware of your balance

We have been thrust into winter with quite a shock of cold on the east coast of Australia, but the sunsets in my area have been stunning! Winter is a time of going within, a time for restoring our soul and giving our internal cabinets a dust off, taking everything off the shelves and perhaps sending a few things that no longer serve us to goodwill. A time to refocus and check in on where things may feel out of balance:

Overall: Your Spiritual, Physical, Mental & Emotional levels- where is the focus, what is neglected?

- Giving & Receiving

- Time spent on mundane vs soul enriching tasks

- Body - exercise, rest, food, drink

- Mind - Netflix vs books/podcasts or mindfulness

- Creativity vs repetition

- Material world vs Spiritual practice (connecting to self, meditation, journaling)

- Goal focus/planning vs Go with the flow

- Work & Play

- Connection with others & time in solitude

- Reflection, Planning & enjoying the now moment

- Holding emotions in (or denying them) vs expressing emotion

- Detail vs big picture

Remember the idea is not to be completely on one side or the other, but over time, to have a balanced life. Look back on the last month, considering the aspects above and see what you might benefit from shifting.

Being in balance is a constant journey of adjustments, and we often don't notice imbalance until it has led to frustration of a feeling of dis-ease. Opening your awareness to balance can allow you to shift and refocus before you arrive at frustration, or to recognise why you're feeling off, when you can't seem to put your finger on a specific thing.

Life is a state of change, and there are times when we are called upon to express in a specific way - for example: be a giver in life, when someone is ill, or you are a mother to young children. So, in these cases, how are you going to balance the scale of receiving? It can be difficult, or even bring feelings of guilt, to give to self - however, this is what we need.

Think of it this way, if we are all connected as part of the ONE, then giving to self, improving self - is giving love and raising the consciousness of the whole. This plays out on the microcosm too - if you are not in balance with giving & receiving, then it can lead to anger, frustration and not showing up as your best self in life and to others.

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