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Holistic healing – our bodies talk to us!

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I have injured my back. I am a healing practitioner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get illness or injure myself – I’m like every other human, here to live and experience the ups and downs too. And even though I can help others work to the root of their issues, there are some times when I just can’t see the forest for the trees within myself, and I need to lean on other practitioners to assist me in the energetic side of things.

Holistic healing is all about looking at an illness/injury from the perspective of more than just the physical body, it’s also looking at the mind and soul. Working out whether there’s a message your body is trying to tell you, can help to release the grip of pain and emotion connected to the condition, which can aid in the healing process.

So – I have a back injury. It was so acute I had to cancel my trip to Melbourne to read at the Mind Body Spirit festival, which was disappointing, but unavoidable. In this case saying no was the ultimate self care. So I went to my kinesiologist and chiro, to help me work through anything emotional attached to the injury. There seemed to be two main issues playing into this. One which required work and planning (which I was aware of but was coming to a head), the other requiring surrender (also aware of, but the energy wasn’t processing through my body properly, and I was ignoring it due to issue #1. Ha!).

It seemed my back was telling me to STOP, COLLABORATE and LISTEN. A lower back problem – making me STOP in my tracks physically. This links with the sacral chakra area which is where we hold onto emotions that we haven’t processed, also our worries and stressors. Sacral also highlights a need for change and growth.

In the last few days, when I should have been in Melbourne, synchronicities have happened to help me work through issue #1, and I’ve had the time to do the planning and work required to make it happen. This has given me a newfound fredeom, as soon, I will have a physical “home” to do my readings from, which fills me with a sense joy. So - I had to say NO to readings elsewhere, to find the space for readings HERE. Wow. When a door closes, there is always a window cracked somewhere! Plus, I’ve been able to do some important planning for another project I’ll be launching in 2020. And, I met someone, by chance (at the nail salon I haven’t been to in over a year), that can help me with that project!

My body was responding to my soul’s knowing that the opportunities were coming my way over the weekend. OUR BODIES TALK TO US, and guide us!

Although I still have the physical issue, it is starting to improve. I’ve been able to release the emotions attached to it, by listening to my body and the message it has given me, and acting on it. It has literally directed me by forcing me to stay in Sydney, into the next phase of growth!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to care for this injury in a holistic way – body – with reiki, chiro, & kinesiology (plus the necessary medical intervention with a scan), mind – meditation to help reduce the impact of pain and bring me into the present, and spirit – sitting to receive spiritual healing for myself, letting my soul guide me, and sending healing to others that are suffering physically right now.

“Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness, but it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow” – and as a healing practitioner, these experiences help me to be a way-finder for my clients through their issues too.

Heed the call of your body, the physical compass for your soul.


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