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The healing journey – creating balance & listening to your soul

When we are out of balance in an area of our life or physical makeup, we will first feel the nudge on a spiritual level, something not feeling quite right. Then, if ignored, this message from the soul is realised on a mental level, then an emotional level – there may be feelings of frustration or not being able to move forward, or nothing is working and everything is so hard. If ignored still, the soul then communicates to us on a physical level, where ailments may speak loudly to you through pain or discomfort. Yes – our soul is speaking to us on a daily basis!

So many people come to me asking about whether they are on the right path, and I usually answer – every path is the right path. For all paths take us forward in our experience of life. Our soul knows where it wants to go and where its purpose might take us. The problem is, living in such a 3D world we have not been taught to use our sixth sense and intuition to its full potential to help guide us on our way. Our minds and logical thought have been very strongly developed and our thoughts and ego can be so loud. The outside world is screaming at us, we are bombarded with news, advertising, endless notifications and things that ping and ring.

We are following our minds and egos, what we THINK we want (or should want), trying to push doors down when they are closed for a reason. Not seeing the beautiful flowing stream next to closed door, the one with the gentle current, inviting you to be part of its effortless flow. We are missing the signposts and the richness that a life truly connected to our soul can bring.

When you receive healing, remember that this energy has restored the balance within, and has activated that part of YOU that is the healer. Yes – YOU are the true healer of yourself. Which means, you are also responsible for maintaining that balance in your life and deeds, once the healing is complete. This requires a practice of a new level of self awareness.

Receiving a connection with a loved one in the spirit world (mediumship) can also bring powerful healing. It can ease the burden of grief, resolve those things left unsaid, gives that knowing that we DO get out of here “alive”, and our loved ones are with us supporting us on our journey. The realisation that we don’t die, empowers us to live our lives in the best way possible. We are here to grow and evolve, and once we cross over, that evolution continues.

In a recent reading & healing session, a mother came through to communicate with her daughter. She had struggled with addiction throughout her life, which had impacted the way she showed up for her daughter, and caused her pain that was now realised on the other side. In sharing her feelings of regret and apology, whilst calling her by her precious nickname, Mum had not only lifted a burden from herself, but also from her daughter, who felt so much lighter after the reading. I know Mum felt this release too, as she came back in during the spiritual healing and whispered “thank you”. Such a special moment that helps me to remember the power mediumship has to heal.

We are perfectly imperfect and this is part of our divine individuality. Own your perceived differences and challenges, as this is the first step to life empowerment, change & authenticity. When we are true in our authentic selves, is when we show up in the best way for ourselves and the world.


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