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Psychic & Mediumship Readings

 Julia is passionate about bringing soul healing in all it's forms, including through a heart felt connection with passed over loved one, or an intuitive soul reading.The  insights she gives in her readings lead to a better connection to your own soul and empowerment for transformation.

Psychic and mediumship work are different things. 

A psychic reading is about your life and your soul. These readings are most effective when there is a true need. Julia will use her psychic abilities to tap into your energy and soul and bring forward insights about your life's journey, the situations around you and your souls qualities (cue the a-ha moments).

A mediumship reading is a connection with a passed over loved one - bringing through shared memories, aspects of their personality, and messages of continued existence and love.

Readings are available in person and online via zoom.

Andrea says: "I had my first ever mediumship experience with Julia a few days ago, and she was so lovely and heartwarming, made me feel instantly comfortable. She was able to connect with a passed family member and it was a really special experience. I was sceptical before making the appointment but I left with a very different perspective. Thanks so much Julia."


Kate says of her zoom reading: "I was very fortunate to have a medium reading with Julia recently and she was spot on with the people that came through. There is someone in my life who passed over but rarely spoken about , however the energy and feelings that she channeled were very precise and accurate. I felt very comfortable and trusted her completely during the reading and im quite skeptical and wary of people in these situations. I felt a sense of calm afterwards like there had been a shift of energy."

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