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Online Healing, Psychic and Mediumship Readings via Zoom

Julia offers all her sessions both in person and online on zoom.

Healing and readings work exactly the same in person and online via zoom. Many people are surprised by the fact they can feel the healing the same online, and receive just as accurate a reading and connection with a passed over loved one - but energy is everywhere, and it can be directed and connected to anywhere in the world by a simple intention and connection.


"I've had several zoom sessions with Julia over the past 12 months - SHE IS INCREDIBLE. I stumbled across her during lockdown and I have tried several different therapists.... she is by far one of the best. I leave every session feeling heard, held and supported. She just gets me. I 100% recommended her over and over and over again." Alicia

"I've had both face to face appointments and a Zoom session with the wonderful Julia.
She’s supported and guided me to make decisions and changes in my life- I’m a chronic procrastinator..
The sessions are always relaxing and I’ve definitely experienced energy shifts.
If you’re feeling stuck, or in need of some energetic support, Julia is the best! Her energy and calmness is lovely." Clare

"I was very fortunate to have a medium reading with Julia recently and she was spot on with the people that came through. There is someone in my life who passed over but rarely spoken about , however the energy and feelings that she channeled were very precise and accurate. I felt very comfortable and trusted her completely during the reading and im quite skeptical and wary of people in these situations.
I felt a sense of calm afterwards like there had been a shift of energy. i highly recommend and will definitely have another session in the future." Kate

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