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Julia Cox - Reiki Master, Psychic & Medium

Photo: Don Urban Photography

Julia is an Evidential Medium, Intuitive & Healer, passionate about bringing healing and change through all areas of her work, whether through a soul to soul connection in a psychic reading, a heartfelt spirit connection with a passed over loved one in a mediumship reading, or bringing through healing energy to bring balance and affect change for her clients on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level .

Julia is a Reiki Master and spiritual healer with 10 years experience. Julia's healing ethos centers around creating balance to bring health and happiness, and switching on the healer that we all have within to create change on a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical level. An soulful way of leading to personal growth and transformation.

The insights Julia brings in her intuitive work lead to a better connection to your own soul and empowerment for transformation. Since she was a child, Julia has always been incredibly sensitive, and can read into people's situations with great insight. When working in the corporate world, Julia was questioned how she knew information that had not yet been released. She realised her ability to connect with the spirit world when peoples loved ones began showing up during healing sessions. Julia has trained in evidential mediumship, to bring through the shared memories, personality and messages of the loved one in spirit, in the way they wish to share it.


Julia has been serving with her healing for 10 years. Sessions are both online via zoom, and in-person at Drummoyne. Julia's intuition, connection to spirit and healing works exactly the same whether in person or on zoom remotely.


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