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Asking for help is a sign of strength

Us peeps with good hearts would do almost anything to help others, even sometimes to our own detriment. So how about when we need help? Why is it so hard to ask for it?

In our society, we’ve been conditioned to the “struggle” of life, there’s expectations to push the limits, be better, improve, work hard, get noticed, achieve, succeed despite adversity – push, push, push.

I recently hurt my back, and realised I’ve been trying to push through the pain, bending over when I shouldn’t be, rather than asking for help. I was thinking things like, it’s not that bad, people have it far worse than me, it’s just this one small thing, I don’t want to inconvenience anyone … I caught myself amidst these statements and had an epiphany. I value myself enough to recognise that I deserve a helping hand just as much as anyone else.

Knowing our self worth is a show of strength, even when it requires being vulnerable. I don’t have to always push the limits to the MAX like some commercial..

SO – I asked for help for such small things that required bending and lifting. Things that yesterday I thought were silly to ask for. AND I DIDN’T DIE – or feel guilty, or less than. My family were so willing to help me and made me feel SO LOVED and recognised in the process. What a beautiful side effect of letting go of my own expectations and perceptions.

Asking for help IS a sign of strength. It shows us the strength we have within to let go of expectations and the battle to be more. The strength we have to recognise our own needs, no matter how small. The strength to know it is ok to receive. The strength of accepting and loving who we are and where we are at. For we are already amazing, incredible humans – with our joys and our challenges.


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