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Feeling our true nature

Being in beautiful Tasmania, experiencing the wonders of nature has made me pause and go within. Nature has a way of connecting with us in a way that is instinctual, its vibrations resonate with us on a spiritual level. They resonate in a place not of the body that runs through all life and creation. It’s the place where our true nature resides.

It doesn’t have a job, or a name, a political preference, a sexual preference, a house, hobbies or likes and dislikes. It’s not lactose intolerant. Those are all labels, all categories we place ourselves in. That’s not who we are. When you strip away all those labels and get to our true essence, we get to a place of feeling. Not something we can put into words.

Makes you think about how often we have mindless conversations like, “sooooo, what do you do for a living?” and “did you hear about so and so”? We waste so much time fitting into our own categories, labelling ourselves and others (especially on social media) when we could be getting out of the ego and into our heart space, being joyous and uplifting each other, making a difference, learning about ourselves and be-ing with one another without judgement. Just simply existing and holding space can be a gift – like holding someone’s hand as they grieve, that one gesture can be more powerful than years of conforming to the daily grind – get up, go to work, go home, gym, go to bed, repeat.

I love these times of remembering, of connecting to OUR true nature (since we are all connected), when you boil it all down the essence is love.

And what better a purpose to move forward with is there?


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