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Grounding/Earthing – what is it and why are people talking about it?

If you’re a client of mine, you have probably heard me talk about grounding and how it can benefit you to feel a connection with the earth and nature. From an energetic viewpoint, it’s important to be anchored to the planet that sustains us, so we are spinning with the earth, rather than being spun around by it and feeling out of sorts.

I just watched this program called The Earthing Movie (on gaia tv & YouTube), and it viewed grounding from the standpoint of electricity, and it’s an interesting theory. Interesting sphere of research to keep up to date on! Here’s some interesting points on this from what I’ve seen and read about this:

Consider that we are electrical beings – brain synapses firing, heart beating, lungs breathing, nervous system running. We can even get a jump-start with electric paddles (I hope none of us ever need this)! Over time, these systems create a positive energy charge in our systems. The earth, soil, rock, sand, ocean, rivers create a negative charge that can be transmitted to us, if we aren’t insulated from the ground by being inside or in shoes. Think about how well you sleep after you’ve been to the beach or swum in the ocean, for example.

Also consider what we do to be safe with our human-generated electricity. Electricity cables coming from the street, even electrical points in your house are grounded or earthed to make sure we don’t start fires. An interesting comparison, to think that us as humans not being earthed – could be causing a fire of inflammation within us!

The theory is there may be a link between an unbalanced, unearthed charge in the body, to levels of inflammation and even chronic pain. There are even earthing bed sheets you can get – comment below if you’ve tried these, I’m intrigued! Of course, there are many free ways to ground yourself, although our lifestyle means we don’t get as much opportunity ie we walk on concrete paths in sneakers, indoors at home, work. This means we need to ground consciously and I believe there’s great power in that too.

On a personal note, I enjoy barefeet in my garden, or in the sand at the beach. When I’m walking the dog in shoes, I reach out and touch nature with my hands, brushing leaves as I walk by, stopping to touch a tree trunk. Even mindfully stopping to soak in the atmosphere. I’ve recently stopped wearing headphones when I walk which makes my time out so much more mindful and refreshing to my soul.

What do you do to feel more grounded?


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