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The labyrinth speaks

I am just back from a spiritual retreat & workshop in country NSW. It was a huge week energetically for me and I come back feeling transformed with a deepened connection to my own soul and the living consciousness that runs through all creation.

Like most of the other people attending, I experienced a heightening sensitivity throughout the week. This helped me to notice the learning from more than just the workshop exercises. I received messages through others that answered questions I had for myself and validation came that I needed to hear.

There was learning through my dreams, through my conversations with others, through observing what others were experiencing, and through my own experiences in and outside the classroom. One of those experiences was when I walked the labyrinth on the property of the monastery. I had never walked a labyrinth before, so wasn’t quite sure what it was all about. This labyrinth was placed over ground water, and the spot was found by using dowsing rods, to bring the healing properties to the experience of the journey to it’s centre.

There is only one way to start the walk – at the beginning. And step by careful step down the narrow, windy path lined with rocks, the thoughts about how long it would take and if I was doing it right shifted away. I experienced the deafening crunch of the dry leaves beneath my feet and found peace in mindfulness. There were wobbles as I lost my balance from going too quickly, and righted myself by taking each step with purpose. There was a sense of freedom as I felt the wind blowing against my skin, through my hair, sometimes at my back supporting my forward movement, sometimes at the front giving me a refreshing sense of calm. I could feel the life within the air and atmosphere around me.

The path wound back and forth and around, requiring patience. At one point, there was a rock out of place, it didn’t line the edge of the path, but was placed right in the centre where my foot was to tread. I had to fight the urge to shift it, to put it back where it “belonged”. And I realised, this obstacle belongs exactly where it is. I then fought the urge to walk straight over this obstacle, like a mirror of life as we push and strive forwards, breaking barriers. So I stopped. I paused to HONOUR this obstacle, and all the challenges I’ve experienced in my life. For just as one of the messages I had received earlier in the week, these experiences were needed to place me where I am, to where I needed to be – on this path. Gentle tears fell from my cheeks as I sent gratitude to all the challenges, all the “dark” experiences I’ve been through.

And I realised, they were not dark at all. Just another shade of light, showing the way.

So many more aha moments happened as I travelled towards the centre and back again, ones that encouraged patience, allowance and courage. And when I reached the centre and was able to look up and around, I truly experienced the beauty of my surroundings. Not just the country, but LIFE. Suddenly, the wind stopped completely. A gift of peace at the centre, within and without, to honour my life and my experiences.

The labyrinth speaks. So does your soul.


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