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Transformation and the authentic self

As human beings, we are born to evolve and transform throughout our lives. Babies become children who become adults, yes, but yet so much more transformation takes place. As we grow, as we try things “on for size” in life. Our inner compass begins to lead us as we start to know more about ourselves. What we like and dislike leads us away from some things and towards others. The joy these likes bring may be for a season, a reason or a lifetime - part of the incredible mystery is that we never know which.

For myself, the last 7 years has been a time of huge transformation and change. I left the corporate marketing world behind after 20 years, and shifted into my new self with my healing, intuitive and medium work. Although I’ve changed, I cant help but feel that rather than an evolution, it’s been a stripping away of those things I thought would allow me to “fit in”. It’s been a rediscovering of unique abilities that have been there since I was a child.

I feel like we all have those pressures to fit in, rather than blazing our own unique trail. And as we find our “new” or “old” self, there can be a feeling of worry about whether those around you will accept this new you. Those who are meant to be around us through our journey will be there. The rest go their own way to make room for a new tribe. I realised that was a risk I was willing to take for living my authentic life. And I was rewarded with a whole new host of friends that align with my new direction. I was watching Jack Black today on You Tube – he’s SO himself, it’s awesome and inspiring to watch. The world would truly be missing out if he held himself back just to fit in.

Why are we here on earth as these sentient beings? I believe there is a purpose, a reason for our season here. There is something that we can NEVER be. And that, friends, is somebody else. I believe we are here as vibrational beings to express our own very unique vibration, that‘s the thing that separates us from each other, our very own personal, sacred signature. When we are truly ourselves we can serve this world, ourselves and each other, in a way that literally no-one else can! And conversely, if being accepted for who you are is such a gift, it is our responsibility to give that gift out freely to others, so they feel the freedom of being authentic with you.

Who am I? That’s a question I will continue asking of myself, and continue to find my way back to, all my life. How much joy can we experience if we are doing those things that truly resonate with us? Serving the world shouldn’t need to be a chore, for it can be your absolute joy.

Just be you. Unapologetically, unreservedly you. Leave your autograph on this earth with love.


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